Cornices, Valances and Drapes of Tampa Bay, FL

Just Drapes Etc is the perfect haven to find all your drapes, curtain, valances and cornices needs. We specialize in customizing unique designs to suit your individual windows and doors
Here at Just Drapes Etc, we make the task of dressing up your windows and doors an exciting one. With a wide selection to choose from, we offer 
you  more
styles, texture and designs that you will love. We welcome your creative decor ideas and we will do our best to deliver beyond expectations. 

Our product line offers a variety of designs including tailored, pleated, scalloped, and layered among others. With a wide array of fabrics and materials, you can choose from cotton, sheer, floral or lace to 
compliment the over-all look and feel of your home and unique to your room size, style and colors.

Add color and personality to your own space with our beautifully crafted curtains, drapes and valances.  From simple tailored elegance to lavish sophistication, we have the finest fabrics and hardware you are looking for. For a chic, stylish and vibrant look, we have fabric patterns and colors that blend well together to bring your space to life.  

 To help you get the right items that are custom fit to your needs, we provide on site a drapery consultation that offers the following

- A guideline is determine a budget. 
- A unique design and sketch is provided for all windows & doors
- A choice of Fabrics or Hardware is presented to enhance room styles
- A window measurement is taken for all selected treatments
- A budget based quotation is given for all treatments 

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